VIVEO Heritage for modern living

Viveo’s architecture in its proportions, the colours of its facades and red tile hipped roof, is inked in the Lebanese architectural heritage. The facades dressed with mechanically fixed terra cotta panels bring a contemporary twist while blending in the environment. A metallic structure covered with plants supports the balconies of the lateral facades.

Where privacy is your neighbour

Located on the Easter side of Baabdat in a calm villa area surrounded by Pine trees, with a magnificient view overlooking the mountain of Kornayel, Salima and the Orbaniyé valley. It is close to the village square and 2mn away from the exit of the Metn highway

Privacy, intimacy and nature are your neighbors at Viveo. 
Set on a 1,500m2 sloping plot, Viveo is composed of
two three-story independent blocks separated by a
courtyard and gardens. Each block offers only one
 220m2 apartment per floor. Apartments on floor one
and two have their own private gardens with sizes
ranging from 170 to 270m2.  Each apartment has a
dedicated studio under the roof as well as two parking
 spaces and storage in the basement. 

Environmentally Friendly

Constructed using the finest materials and greatest attention to detail, Viveo is designed to deliver a high quality of life of its residents. This eco-friendly development is energy efficient with its insulated

 and ventilated external walls, gas boilers for central heating, controlled mechanical ventilation, low E double-glazing and pand high efficiency VRV air conditionning.

Refinement Throughout

Viveo ensures that every aspect of comfort, safety and security has been carefully thought through. Material and construction techniques are chosen to achieve high quality and sustainable construction. Aesthetics and environmental criteria are a must in the selection of materials such as solid wooden parquet, tiles, and fittings.